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A New Year is a new chance to focus on your personal health and wellbeing. Whether that’s signing up to the gym, making better food choices or looking after your mental health – our personalised bioniq supplements are the perfect way to get started.

Throughout January & February, we’re collaborating with leading experts in fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. Keep an eye out for their top tips, inspiration and expert advice landing soon...

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When you buy a subscription to LIFE (our leading personalised supplement) we’ll give you our Omega 3 supplement completely free. So as well as a bespoke formula made of up to 120 vitamins and minerals, you’ll get our blend of vitally important fatty acids too.
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When you kick-start your journey to better health with a 6-month subscription to BALANCE (our personalised supplement made of up to 80 vitamins and minerals) – we’ll give you 2 at-home blood tests for free.
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Save on our immunity-boosting supplement and start feeling like a better you. Made with 16 micronutrients, our formula is designed to support and maintain the immune system.
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Save on our Omega 3 supplement and start your journey to better health. Created with Norwegian fish oil made to the highest global purity standards, it’s designed to improve everything from brain function to eyesight
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